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Heritage Sandy Springs is a nonprofit organization with a mission to build community through the preservation and promotion of the historic and cultural identity of Sandy Springs. Through a public/private partnership with the City of Sandy Springs, Heritage Sandy Springs manages and operates the 4-acre Heritage Green park.

  • Heritage Sandy Springs Museum at William-Payne House
  • Visitors enjoy the "Sandy Springs: Land and People" exhibition (from Trip Advisor)

Heritage Green is the home of the original “sandy springs,” a tiered outdoor entertainment lawn, the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum at the Williams-Payne House, and a state-of-the-art facility available for special event rentals.

Through recreation, historical, and education opportunities and program, Heritage Green brings together the residents of Sandy Springs and improves their quality of life. Heritage Sandy Springs is home to numerous public programs each year, including the Sandy Springs Festival, Concerts by the Springs, Movin' Groovin' Mornings, and various educational programs at the museum. 

The largest and most comprehensive exhibit gallery at the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum at William-Payne House features an exhibit that provides an overview of the community’s history: "Sandy Springs: Land and People.”  It tells the dynamic story of Sandy Springs, as the land transitioned from the home of Native Americans to rural farmers to modern suburbanites.

Changing gallery space allows for in-depth exhibits and will also allow many rare artifacts from the collection to finally go on display.