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This historic home and 35-acre estate was the home of textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway, Sr. and his family. The home—completed in 1916—is an Italian villa and was designed by Neel Reid and Hal Hentz.

Hills and Dales Estate

Hills and Dales Estate

Following the death of Alice Callaway in 1998, the Hills and Dales Estate was bequeathed to the Fuller E. Callaway Foundation. As the Callaways instructed, the estate became a museum for the enjoyment of the public. After renovations and the addition of a visitor center, the estate opened to the public in October 2004. A major restoration of the house was completed in April  2010, and all three floors of the home are now open for guided tours.

The visitor center features museum exhibits, a 14-minute orientation film and a gift shop. A children's guide featuring Earle the Squirrel is available and includes Earle's Great Hunt, for which children can earn a prize for completing.

The property features the historic Ferrell Gardens, created by Sarah Ferrell between 1841 and 1903. One of the best preserved 19th century gardens in America, the Ferrell Gardens include extensive boxwood plantings, fountains, an herb garden and a greenhouse.

Hills & Dales Estate is a contributing structure to the Vernon Road Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.