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Housed in as Romanesque Revival two-story brick building from 1868, the Fulton County Museum is located in what was originally Wauseon’s first high school. The building later became the county’s first hospital. It is operated by the county’s historical society which was established in 1883. Located two blocks south of the Fulton County Museum is another museum, the Wauseon Depot. Collected here are items from the county’s railroad past. On display inside the depot visitors can find six steam lines and two electric inner urban lines. Visitors can also watch and listen to an O-scale working model railroad display.

  • The Fulton Country Historical Museum has sixteen rooms that display permanent collections as well as changing exhibits.

Built in 1868 the Fulton County Historical Museum served as Wauseon’s first high school until 1897.  Due to sinking foundation, the building became condemned in the middle of the 1896-1897 school year.  The building was renovated in 1989 and turned into a duplex.  A Victorian porch was added to the building.  The Fulton County Medical Association bought the building in 1903.  The building operated from around 1905 to 1930 as the county’s first hospital.  The building was then transformed into four apartments in 1945.  The building was donated to the Fulton County Historical Society in 1969 and today offers sixteen rooms that display permanent collections as well as changing exhibits.

Constructed in 1896 on Depot Street, the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad Depot displays a masonry structure that is an excellent example of Richardson Romanesque architecture.  It is similar to other New York Central stations located to its east.  The depot is listed on the Secretary of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places.  The depot in Wauseon ended its passenger services in 1957.  The building was acquired by the city of Wauseon around 1972.  The building now houses artifacts significant to the history of the eight railroads that once crossed through the county.  Also located at the depot is a restored Baltimore & Ohio caboose that is open for tours. 

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