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Sandstone Falls is in a beautiful corner of West Virginia on the New River. The falls span 1500 feet wide and are sectioned off by a number of little islands that allow a 10 to 25 foot drop. Upon visiting the Falls, the Sandstone Falls Visitor Center will provide wonderful exhibits on natural and cultural history as well as maps and other information needed. Many people opt to walk along the boardwalk to get the best view of the falls and the West Virginia wildlife. A view of the Falls will provide anyone with a dramatic experience to see the raging whitewater pour over the cliffs.

A beautiful view of Sandstone Falls.

A beautiful view of Sandstone Falls.

Sandstone Falls are located in beautiful Hinton, West Virginia. On the New River, the falls stretch 1500 feet wide and drop over the sandstone cliffs from 10 to 25 feet down. The rapid whitewater is a sight for anyone to see. What makes the Sandstone Falls so unique are all of the trails that accommodate the experience.

The first is the boardwalk trail that leads to the little islands throughout the falls. The boardwalk is ¼ a mile long. It crosses two bridges and has observations and lookouts all along the way. Not only is it safe with a tall railing, but it is even handicap accessible. This trail is a favorite because it also passes through the Appalachian riverside flatrock community which comprises many rare plants that can only be found in Appalachia.

Another favorite is the Island Loop Trail. This trail is accessible right off of the Sandstone Falls Boardwalk. This trail takes you back and behind one of the largest Sandstone islands. This island was once farmed a very long time ago and a mill operated there. Today, people walking this trail will see the land becoming forest once again. As the trail comes to an end, hikers will arrive back on the Sandstone Falls boardwalk again.

The next favored trail is the Sandstone Falls overlook. A short distance from the parking lot a trail can be found that takes you straight up and above the falls. The trail is simply a short, gravel walkway. Once there, the overlook allows you to view the falls at 600 feet above them. This view permits extraordinary pictures and exhilarating experiences. Though I’ve covered the crowd pleasers, there are many more trails around the Sandstone Falls to explore!