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The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami was originally a part of the original Center for Contemporary Art. The museum opened this new building in 1996 to accommodate the growth of the collection. MOCA's mission is to make their diverse contemporary art available to everyone. At the MOCA are many new artists to discover and a lot of new culture to discover and to contemplate. The museum often has provocative and innovative exhibits that inspire new and fresh art.

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"Is has often been said that the world is becoming urban.  But it is the urban that is becoming the world.  Inscribed in time, the city is a social phenomenon.  As a major venue of all material and symbolic accumulations, it is decomposed, recomposed, constantly articulating and intensifying all changes.  The metamorphosis of inherited urban spaces, the emergence of diffuse urban territories, the transformation of mobility, shrinking urban spaces, under heavy economic pressure, the ecological imperative and the demands for quality living environments, permanently invite us to rethink the forms and structures of the contemporary city." (Dr. Smith Joseph, Mayor of North Miami, FL)


Museum of Contemoporary Art (MOCA) is a source of inspiration and diversity for growing artists with something to say, and accessible to underserved populations.  "MOCA is known for its provocative and innovative exhibitions, and for seeking a fresh approach in examining the art of our time. The museum maintains an active exhibition schedule, presenting 8 to 10 exhibitions annually." (


MOCA has a diversified and extensive collections of permanent art including artists from the United States and abroad:  John Baldessari, Dan Flavin, Dennis Oppenheim, Alex Katz, Louise Nevelson, Edward Ruscha, Gabriel Orozco, Julian Schnabel, Zoe Leonard, Nam June Paik, Uta Barth, Teresita Fernandez, Garry Simmons, Jose Bedia, Anna Gaskel, Mariko Mori, John Bock, Phillip Huyghe, Edward Kienholz,  Raymond Pettibon, and Matthew Ritchie.


The need to enrich the lives of their community prompts MOCA to offer programs to those of all ages that have a desire to expand their artistic knowledge.  There is a summer arts program divided by ages offering drawing, painting, sculpting, prints, fabric design, cultural story telling, and robotics.  Teens have the opportunity to learn fashion design and serve in internship programs.  Not to mention some excellent outreach programs to inspire girls on positive body image, good relationships, and self-esteem through access to arts and culture.  Artcorp is for young teen males to learn self expression and empowerment through contemporary art.  Heart to Heart is for the physically and mentally challenged to improve social, cognitive, and motor skills through painting and drawing.  MOCA on the Move is for schools or organizations for children to learn about art with hands on demonstrations and projects.

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