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The Middlebury College Museum of Art is one of five accredited museums in Vermont, and serves as a part of Middlebury college. At the core of the museum's mission, they strive to immerse visitors in the "artistic achievements represented by a diversity of cultures..." The museum provides educational opportunities to Middlebury students and the public.

The Middlebury College Museum of Art

The Middlebury College Museum of Art
Middlebury College was established in 1800 with only seven students enrolling in the first year of its opening. The school has developed overtime, and now is known as a noted liberal arts college on the East Coast. The faculty continues to make efforts to improve upon the educational experience offered at Middlebury.

Plans to build an art collection to be housed at Middlebury College began in the 1960. The school had finished construction on the Christian A. Johnson Memorial Building and the Christian A, Johnson Gallery in 1968, where the original collection was to reside. The original program that accounted for the donations to run the museum, the Friends of the Art Museum, still continues to bring in significant donations today. Plans to construct the building that is known as the Middlebury College Museum of Art today began in 1985, and was originally named the Johnson Gallery. This 100,000 square foot location was renamed the Middlebury College Museum of Art in 1992.

Today, the museum has a collection that includes Asian, European, and American paintings, sculptures, photography, and more. Some of the exhibitions include: The Art of Storytelling: Five Tales from Asia Then and Now, Naked Truth: Approaches to the Body in Early-Twentieth-Century German and Austrian Art, Ancient Mediterranean and Early European Art, and more. The Middlebury College Museum of Art also offers a number of tours to children grades K-12 each year.