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The National Music Museum is one of world's foremost institutions dedicated to the preservation and promotion of musical instruments. Located in the University of South Dakota-Vermillion's former library, the museum boasts a collection of 15,000 instruments and an extensive archives of music-related materials. The museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and receives visitors and researchers from all 50 states and many countries. It also is the only institution in North American that offers a graduate degree in musical instruments.

  • National Music Museum
  • One of the two aforementioned grand pianos. This one was built in France in 1781 and is the earliest known grand piano made in France to survive.
The museum's collection consists of priceless instruments from all over world, with the oldest dating back 500 years. These include: an impressive collection of pianos (two of which are rare 18th century grand pianos); a large collection of instruments of American manufacturer C.G. Conn Company; Dutch woodwinds; early Italian stringed instruments; one of four Stradivari guitars on display in museums; and one of two Stradivari mandolins in the world. 
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