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The Scurry County Museum's mission is rooted in their desire to bring the local history of the region to the public. They offer opportunities for education through interactive programs for all ages. Since its founding in the late twentieth century, the museum has been devoted to serving the community where it resides.

  • Scurry County Museum

The initial planning for a museum in the area began in 1970 with the meeting of the Scurry County Museum Association Board of Trustees. Before their plans became tangible, their first task that had to be put into motion was the research and acquisition of artifacts. This took a group of people about five years to complete. Among the individuals in the group were members of the Scurry County Historical Society, Scurry County Chapter of the South Plains Archaeological Society, and the Ranch Headquarters association.

The museum was built on Western Technical College's campus, and was completed in 1974. Scurry County Museum opened to the public in 1975. Over the course of its history, it has undergone renovations, and has grown its collections. The collections are displayed in the museum's permanent exhibit, its rotating exhibit, and a lobby exhibit. The museum's permanent exhibit has been showcased at the museum since its opening, changing in design over the years. Scurry County Museum's rotating exhibit is located in their South Gallery, and displays about four exhibits per year. Finally, the lobby exhibit is made possible because the museum has a large lobby that allows for different displays. These exhibits change about every month, and give visitors the opportunity to experience something new foe each visit.