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The Letchworth-Love Mounds Archaeological State Park is located just fourteen miles east of Tallahassee. The site is home to Florida’s tallest Native American ceremonial mound (46 feet high and 300 feet across), which was built between 1100 to 1800 years ago. The site served as a ceremonial, economic, and political center to the natives in the area. The park also features a pavilion picnic area, interpretive trials, and a bronze sculpture of the mound. Guided tours are available upon request.

  • Letchworth-Love Mounds Archaeological State Park features Florida's tallest ancient mound, reaching a height of 46.

By 900 A.D., as the influence of Mississippi culture spread into the region, sites like Letchworth-Love were replaced by more elaborate sites such as nearby Lake Jackson. The Apalachee occupied the area when Spanish missionaries and explorers frequented the area and eventually gave way to the Creeks and Seminoles. The Battle of Miccosukee was fought close by during the First Seminole War. 

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