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A local history society with two historic buildings housing a museum and library which collects and preserves the history of the Sulphur Springs Valley and the San Simon Valley.

Collections cover the Sulphur Springs Valley, the Bowie Valley, and the San Simon Valley. Subjects include Fort Bowie, Fort Grant, military history, Butterfield Overland stage stops, Chiricahua Indians, Indian scouts, Buffalo soldiers, mining, ranching, the Drew family, Judge Edward R. Monk and family, original settlers of the area, founders of towns, ghost towns, railroad history, and the different ethnic groups involved in developing the area. Collections date from pre-European settlement to the present.

Subjects Collected

Other Known Names:

  • Chiricahua Regional Museum and Research Center

  • Sulphur Springs Valley Historical Society

Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records: The Research Library can be reached at 520-384-2291.