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This former high school in Harts was established in 1954 and closed in 2006 as part of the cost-saving measures that saw city high schools consolidated into county-wide high schools.

Harts High School, 1954-2006.

Harts High School, 1954-2006.
Harts High School was established in 1954. Many local residents remember the school for its championship basketball teams that played in Kirk-Garrettson gymnasium and won three state championships. Even though the town has a small population, the building is actually quite large with three floors and an addition behind the gymnasium. The football field was also the baseball field and was located across the parking lot of the high school. The football field/baseball field is still being used today for the Harts Pre-K through 8th-grade school. 

In 2006 Lincoln County consolidated the four high schools into one AAA school, which is known as Lincoln County High School. Area cities Duval, Hamlin, and Guyan Valley were required to send their students to the new Lincoln County High School. However, Harts High students were initially able to choose between Lincoln County High School and Chapmanville Regional High School (across the county line in Logan County). When Harts High School closed the building initially was used by Harts Middle School. After more consolidation, the new Harts Pre-K through 8th Grade School was completed and this building was closed. Area residents have restored the building as a community center which includes small businesses, a public gymnasium, and a weight room.
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