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Take a tip down memory lane and plan a visit to the Air Heritage Museum located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. The museum highlights aviation related displays from the early days of flight to present day accomplishments. The aircraft include civilian, commercial and military along with Japanese and German artifacts of WW II. There is also a touching memorial display for 1st Lt. Robert W. Marx and Staff Sergeant Charles A. Manchester Jr. both killed in action during WW II. The museum is free and open to the public 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Saturday. Sundays are by appointment only.

  • Air Heritage Museum
  • Air Heritage
  • Artifacts on display in the museum.
  • Visitors explore a military transport plane.
  • A vintage plane with exposed engine.

Air Heritage has four primary goals: To research aeronautical history with an emphasis on the Tri-State area. To aid individuals and organization involved in similar research and education projects. Thirdly to accumulate, restore, and preserve historical significant aircraft, and lastly to operate and maintain an aviation museum and restoration facility at the Beaver County Airport.

A prized possession acquired in January of 2013 was a C-47. At the time of purchase, no one knew of it's aircraft history. With the help of many, it was discovered that the aircraft had been assigned to Captain Edward "Elmo" Frome who was still alive at 95 years old. Museum members made contact with Captain Frome and his daughter who provided valuable information about the plane and its last mission flown on May 28th 1945.

Air Heritage will be the very first civilian operator of this C-47. It belonged to the USAAF/USAF,US Army and the State of Florida's Lee County Mosquito Spraying Division. This particular aircraft actually flew mission over the Battle of the Bulge on December 24th $ 25th 1944 dropping supplies from Para packs to the troops below in the city of Bastogne. This is only one of the many stories associated with this historical aircraft. The museum also features a list located on the actual website.

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