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Founded in 1912, the Rochester Museum and Science Center is a natural history and science museum in Rochester, New York. It consists of the main museum building, a planetarium just next door, and the Cumming Nature Center, which is located in Naples. The museum features 200 exhibits, covering a wide range of subject matter in the natural science, science and technology, and aerospace fields. It contains 1.2 million items and tens of thousands of documents and photographs in its archives. Much of the material can be accessed online. The nature center is located on a 900-acre property and visitors can participate in various educational programs, including summer camps, and hike on the property's six hiking trails.

  • The Rochester Museum and Science Center was founded in 1912 and today boasts a collection of 1.2 million science-related items.
  • Aerial view of the museum complex
  • The Cumming Nature Center

The museum was founded in 1912 as the Municipal Museum of Rochester. The planetarium was added in 1968. The main building underwent various expansions and upgrades from 1913-1996.

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