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The 21c Museum Hotel is located within five formerly-separate warehouses that were built in the 19th century and placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The name "21c" is a reference to the hotel's leading attraction, the 21c Museum. This Louisville gem is dedicated to exhibiting art from the 21st century. The museum blends permanent exhibits and rotating displays from their own collection with special new exhibits of contemporary art from around the region and the world.

  • The hotel offers 91 rooms as well as a contemporary art museum
  • The museum and hotel blend art and hospitality in a historic setting.
The hotel was created to renovate and create a new purpose for several of the city's historic buildings. The hotels also work to promote local agriculture, with each restaurant using only local produce.

The 21c Museum displays contemporary works from local and national artists. The museum also brings in special temporary exhibits that borrow from the collections of other galleries and museums, allowing residents to see the works of contemporary artists from around the world.

The museum is decentralized, with galleries and works of art located within each of the five former warehouse. As one might imagine, significant renovation was necessary to re-purpose these structures to the needs of a hotel and art museum. However, great effort was taken to make sure that the exterior of each building remains true to the original designs of the buildings. Because of the hotel's mission to rebuild local economies, the chain is frequently found at the top of ratings lists for boutique hotels.
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