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The museum collects and preserves the history of both the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum. We are part of the overall U.S. Army Museum Enterprise, which collectively captures the full Army story, but here we tell the local story. You will find original artifacts, archival documents, and photographs that present the history of both the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum from their formation to present day. The museum's collection includes weaponry, vehicles, cartoons by Bill Mauldin, and Native American and War of 1812 artifacts. Our goal is to train Soldiers; establish esprit de corps in the Army team of Soldiers, their families and civilian personnel, and provide a connection to our local community. So come on in and CLIMB TO GLORY!

The museum is located inside the Heritage Center.

The museum is located inside the Heritage Center.

The U.S. Army has resided in Jefferson County, New York, since 1809, when the first troops arrived in Sackets Harbor. There has been a military reservation at this spot since 1908. Initially called Pine Camp, it was changed to Camp Drum in 1952, shortly after the death of Lt. Gen. Hugh A. Drum. It became Fort Drum – a permanent installation – in 1974. In 1985 it became home to the 10th Mountain Division, creating a partnership that has lasted through today.  

Initially established as a training area, all elements of the U.S. Army – regular, reserve components, and National Guard units – have all trained here over the years. Comprising 108,733 acres today, Fort Drum provides the largest military training area in the Northeastern United States. Today it hosts Army and Air Force training and often hosts our Canadian allies too. The 4,000 strong garrison workforce provides the installation with administrative and logistical support that enables training and mobilization of more than 38,000 Soldiers annually.  

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