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The Plattsburgh State Art Museum houses 4,600 works of contemporary art in three permanent collections: the Rockwell Kent collection, the Winkel Sculpture Courtyard, and the Slatkin Study Room. The Rockwell Kent collection, which is located in the Fineberg Library, is one of the most comprehensive in the country, containing 35 of his paintings and numerous prints, drawings, dinnerware, books, design art, and photographs. The Winkle Sculpture Courtyard is located in the Myers Arts Building and houses the works of German-born artist Nina Winkel. The largest exhibit space for one woman in the country, it opened in 1987 and features her stone, terra cotta, bronze, copper sculptures, and drawings and sculpture studies. It is not clear what is housed in the Slatkin Study Room.

  • The Plattsburgh State Art Museum is located in the Feinberg Library
  • The Winkle Sculpture Gallery