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The Battle of Plattsburgh Museum and Plattsburgh Air Force Base Museum, located at the same location, are operated by the Battle of Plattsburgh Association. The former commemorates the Battle of Plattsburgh, one of the battles during the War of 1812. The museum features a large 5x15' diorama of the battlefield, which stretched 30,000 acres encompassing the town and surrounding land and water. Other displays provide information about the background and chronology of the war, the impact of the battle on the negotiations between the United States and Britain, and on the leaders, soldiers, sailors and citizens who were affected by and participated in battle. The Air Force Base Museum is the second museum on the site. The first closed in 1995 along with the base itself, which was in operation for forty years. The runway was long enough for the space shuttle and the base was listed as one of the backup landing locations. The base became a civilian airport.

  • The Battle of Plattsburgh Museum entrance
  • The diorama depicting the battle
  • The Plattsburgh Air Force Base Museum