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Located in Marion, Indiana, the Quilters Hall of Fame is located in the historic home of Marie Webster, a master of the art of quilting. Webster lived in this house from 1902 until 1942 and her home was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. Hazel Carter selected this site as the home of the Quilters Hall of Fame, an organization that honors those who made a significant contribution to the art of quilting.

  • Marie Webster House
  • Marie Webster
  • Quilts on display in the house.
Marie Webster is the author of "Quilts, Their Story, and How To Make Them," an influential book published in 1915. One of the first inductees into the Quilters Hall of Fame, Webster's quilts have been displayed throughout the world. As a child, Marie Webster learned to embroider household items and did not make her first quilt until she was fifty years old
Marie was a businesswoman and founded the Practical Patchwork Company with the help of two friends. The company produced instruction sheets, packaged patterns, and fabric swatches. With minimal overhead, running the mail-order business from her home between 1911 and 1942, the company was able to operate throughout economic booms and the Great Depression. The company was also featured in leading publications such as the Ladies Home Journal.

The Webster home is know home to the Quilters Hall of Fame Museum, which offers a variety of exhibits and a gift shop. The back of the house has a unique garden with a pathway made of personalized bricks. The Quilters Hall of Fame also offers classes and memberships to the museum. Photo Credits: Video Credit: