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This municipal course is located on land that was established as a farm in 1854.

The Bey Lea Municipal Golf Course, between Bay Avenue and Old Freehold Road was once a large farm owned by on of the Applegates. The same Applegates also had a general store near his house that was patronized by the surrounding farm families.

Garret Bailey acquired the grain and dairy farm in 1854. Eventually, the farm was conveyed to the McGuires in 1919. Although they wished to retain the well-known Bailey name for their dairy farm, they altered its spelling to Bey Lea. Lea meaning meadow in French was an appropriate substitute.

The Dover Township municipal golf course is located on the old dairy farm. The Dover Township Police Headquarters and the Recreation Center lie opposite the gold course. Bey Lea Road separates the golf course from the campus of Toms River High School North and the Ocean County Vocational-Technical School, Toms River Center.

Dover Township became Toms River Township on November 14, 2006
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