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Known also as the Bennington School, Bennington No. 4 is a one-room schoolhouse near Waterloo, Iowa. After it was built in 1904, it served four sections which provided as many as thirty or more students for first through eighth grades. Students in higher grades attended East Waterloo High School.

  • Bennington No. 4
The school served the predominantly German-American community until 1955 when it was closed. The 1911 school replaced an earlier school that had existed on the site since the 1880s. By the early 20th century local farmers were prospering, and chose to build a high-quality replacement school. There are no windows on the north side, a concession to winter winds. Two windows on the east side and four on the south side light the room, which features a pressed tin ceiling.

Walls were plastered and had beaded wood wainscoting. The plaster has been replaced by dry-wall and the wainscot has been preserved. The wood strip floor has been preserved. While it was open, the school also served as a community center. In 1958 the vacant building was sold to the local Sage family, whose members had attended and taught at the school. Restoration work took place through the 1990s