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The American Farm Heritage Museum, located along I-70 in Greenville, Illinois, is dedicated to preserving farming history. The idea for the museum started in 2002 when a group of people from diverse backgrounds—farmers, collectors, government officials, and civic leaders—came together with the goal of establishing a museum where people could learn about the farming way of life. The museum is comprised of a main building and other smaller buildings. The main building houses farming equipment. Another building, a barn, contains a replica general store, a one room school, blacksmith shop, a grainery, and hundreds of items. The museum also has other interesting features: a miniature train which visitors can ride, and Hills Fort, a replica of a fort dating from the War of 1812. The Armed Forces Museum is also located on the farm museum grounds and it features mostly WWII military vehicles.

  • The main building at the museum.
  • The miniature railroad runs around the perimeter of the museum grounds.