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The Indiana Military Museum in Vincennes, Indiana has the largest comprehensive collection of military memorabilia in the Midwest. It is one of two remaining military museums in Indiana. The Indiana Military Museum houses collections from the Revolutionary War up to present day military engagements. The museum is dedicated to fostering the memory, understanding, and appreciation of U.S military history.

  • Airplane Hangar
  • Jeep collection at the Indiana Military Museum.
  • The Indiana Military Museum entrance sign.
  • Weapons Collection
  • Tank Collection
  • Uniform Collections

The Indiana Military Museum was founded in 1984 by Knox County Superior Court Judge Jim R. Osbourne, who serves as the museum’s director and curator today. It began as a small collection that has grown steadily over the years. The collections present at the Indiana Military museum are the following: artillery and weapons, armor, soft-skinned vehicles, aircraft, and uniforms from different military engagements. There is also an extensive collection dedicated to General Alexander Haig and a Pearl Harbor exhibit. In 2019 a new annex was built to display vehicles and artifacts that previously could not be displayed. The Indiana Military Museum offers educational programs and research opportunities. 

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