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San Antonio’s Artpace is an internationally renowned artist residency program and contemporary art museum. Artpace welcomes national and international artists and creates an environment for artists to experiment with their work and grow as an artist. In addition to ts residency program, the gallery also hosts exhibition programs and educational programs for K-12, the community, university, and adults.

Artpace was founded in 1995 by artist Linda Pace

Artpace was founded in 1995 by artist Linda Pace

Founded by Linda Pace, artist, collector, and businesswoman, in 1995, Artpace originally only hosted artists who came from San Antonio.  In 1998, the gallery expanded its residency program to the entire state of Texas before welcoming its doors to national and international artists as it does today.  For the residency program, a panel of art professionals and individual curators select the artists.  

The International Artist in Residence Program welcomes 9 artists a year.  Thrice a year, Artpace’s guest curator invites 3 artists to live in San Antonio for 2 months; an international artist, a national artist, and a Texas artist are invited to live and create art, upon which after completion will be on exhibit for 2 months.  Artpace’s Hudson Show Room was named for the Hudson car dealership that originally occupied this 1920s building.  Artpace also features Window Works, a different type of art experience where visitors can walk along the exterior windows from Artace’s Main Avenue and view the art exhibited.

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Photo: Larry D. Moore, via Wikimedia Commons