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On 29 July 1995, Wickenburg celebrated the one hundred year anniversary of its railroad depot (dedicated 29 July 1895). The structure stands in its original 1895 design, without additions or modifications, and is one of the few such surviving examples of "Wild West" railroad architecture. Vice-Mayor Carol Ann Beard briefly described the history of the depot, which now serves as the Chamber of Commerce. "Estelle's Garden", in memory of a longtime Chamber supporter, was dedicated at the ceremony. This depot last saw passenger service in May 1969 when Santa Fe discontinued the daily train between Phoenix and Williams Junction.

  • Santa Fe Depot/Chamber of Commerce as it looks today
  • Santa Fe Depot in 1966, three years before the last passenger train came through.
The Wickenburg, Arizona station serves as the headquarters of the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce, and is among the oldest of the Santa Fe's wooden stations in Arizona. It remains very nearly in its original configuration.