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Built in 1846, the Galloway House is a historic home located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. It is part of a historical site called the Galloway House and Village, which is operated by the Fond du Lac Historical Society. The house is listed on that National Register of Historic Places (1976) and is a good example of Victorian Italianate architecture. The society offers various education programs for people of all ages.

  • The Galloway House

The house was built by Selim Newton who was originally from New York. James Doty, the second governor of the Territory of Wisconsin, encouraged Newton to move to Fond du Lac (Doty chose the city for the city as well as the capital, Madison). Doty also convinced Edwin Galloway to move to Fond du Lac as well. Galloway moved here in 1848 and bought the house in 1868. He became the city's treasurer and mayor. The house remained in his family until 1955 when the Fond du Lac Historical Society bought it.

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