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Christ Episcopal Church was built at this location in 1861. Trinity Church was established prior to this in 1844, just west of the Rock River in 1844. The two parishes merged in 1925, becoming Trinity Episcopal Church. The new congregation decided to replace the old Christ Episcopal Church building. In 1931, that vision was completed and Trinity Episcopal Church dedicated this English Gothic Revival building.

  • Trinity Episcopal Church: Past and Present

The Gothic Revival (1850-1880) was championed by those who admired medieval architecture and ruins. Modeled after the soaring French Cathedrals, the style emphasizes verticality, with pointed roofs, towers, and flying buttresses in ample supply. Among it proponents in the United States were Andrew Jackson Downing, a horticulturist and Alexander Jackson Davis, an architect. Downing's popular mid-nineteenth century books promoted the Gothic Revival house, in a rustic landscape, and were illustrated with drawings by Davis.