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The Timothy Jackman house is an Italianate style home that resembles the Tallman House in many ways, albeit on a relatively smaller scale.

  • Timothy Jackman House: Past and Present

Constructed in 1858, this house was designed to look like the Tallman House, which is only a short distance away. The house's cream city brick exterior, circular front walkway, two additions to the back, and cupola gracing the roof, is meant to mimic the grandeur of the Tallman home, with the same level of attention and detail afforded its twin. Indeed, the owner Timothy Jackman built the home as a gift to his wife, who really like the look and feel of the Tallman home. Jackman was a founder of the Rock County National Bank and was a member of the social elite, building his home prominently on Courthouse Hill. His son, Claremont Jackman built an equally elaborate Queen Anne style home right next door in 1884.