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111 East Main Street (NW corner of East Main Street and North Franklin St). Common name: Smith Canning Company Building Date of construction: circa 1895-1900.Significance: Primary. Note: This building was demolished by the City of Weston in 2000.

Smith Cannery Building

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Smith Cannery Building

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Saling Building (Historic Name)

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Single story brick masonry building of locally manufactured brick, rectangular in plan. Approximate frontage on Main Street is 52 feet. West wall is shared in common by neighboring Prutsman Building. Rear and Franklin Street facades are brick with assorted openings with segmental arch heads. Service access to this building and its neighbors to the west is provided by a rear alley. An historic view of circa 1915-1920 (Photo No. 1 of 29) shows that the Main Street facade historically has had little or no brick structural elements. A wood lintel finished as a rudimentary classical cornice was supported, apparently, by wood posts, and traditional display windows with wood bulkheads filled the spaces between. The parapet wall appears to have been wood with a plain cornice in the "boom town" tradition, which is the simplest expression of the Italianate Style. The front has been resurfaced with stucco, and all its openings modified. The building was demolished by the City of Weston, owners of the property. The photo shown was taken prior to demolition.

Information from the Historic Commercial District National Register for Historic Places nomination documentation. Additional research by Bob Gilliland of Weston, Oregon.

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Bob Gilliland

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