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The Greensboro Historical Museum is located in a former Presbyterian Church--it's home since the museum's creation in 1938. The premiere history museum in the region, this institution offers a variety of permanent and rotating exhibits that preserve and share the history of Greensboro from the period when Native American tribes controlled the area to the arrival of settlers of European descent in the early 19th century. The museum's leading exhibits tell the story of early settlers, the Civil War, early businesses and commercial development, and famous residents and families from this section of the country. This museum also offers a variety of educational programs throughout the year. Admission to the museum is available free of charge thanks to the museum's supporters. There are also special programs for educators as the museum staff work to support curriculum development in the North Carolina school system.

  • This picture represents the Voices of the City exhibit.  This picture features past influential people and events that have taken place to shape the way the city and the nation operates today.
  • This picture is the Greensboro Historical Museum.  It was established in  1938 and is still open as of today.  The museum was once a church, but after renovation, it was established as an official museum for Guilford County.
  • This pictures is the Welcome to the City exhibit.  In the building shown, people can operate as a pharmacist did in the 1900s and they can also do many other tasks, such as: writing on a school slate and lifting a fire bucket.
     The Greensboro Historical Museum was established in 1938.  Before it was a museum, this building was home to the First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro.  When attending the museum, spectators should expect to see various exhibits about the history of North Carolina, along with the history of Civil War and the popular exhibit Voices of the City. The museum also offers a special exhibit dedicated to the sit-in that occurred in 1960.
Visitors should also be sure to save time for the "Welcome to the Gate City" exhibit that offers a view of the city at the turn-of-the-century. This exhibit includes a look at early telephone communication, a historic pharmacy and other early businesses, and life for young people including daily chores and exhibits about some of the city's early schools. 

The museum also offers an exhibit that preserves the history of Warnersville an area of the city that was home to many African Americans--one of the first black neighborhoods in the state. This exhibit offers a wealth of technological exhibits that show the history of black businesses, churches, schools, and community groups through Ipads and kiosks that offer reference information.
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