Alderson's Store was established by the Alderson family in 1887. The original store burnt down and was rebuilt and opened in 1932. It is still in operation.

  • Alderson's Store exterior view
    Alderson's Store exterior view
  • Alderson's Store interior view
    Alderson's Store interior view

John Alderson settled in the town of Alderson in 1777. In 1887, his great-great grandson John Marshall Alderson II opened up the Alderson’s Store. The store sold necessity items such as groceries, medicine, household items, shoes and railroad ties. As the economy improved in the 1920’s the store became more specialized.

A fire destroyed Alderson’s Store however it did not stop their business. A building was rented until a new one could be built. The new building which houses Alderson’s Store was completed in 1932. The building was designed by a well-known architect from West Virginia name Walter Martens. Martens was the designer of the Governor’s Mansion in Charleston.

The new Alderson’s Store was grand. Both its interior and exterior have an interesting look. An elegant façade of carved Indian limestone is featured on the exterior of the store. The exterior also displays two large windows in the front that are framed with walnut backdrops, accented with full-length mirrors and Art Deco light fixtures. The interior of the store has solid walnut fixtures that were made by the Georgia Showcase Company from Montgomery, Alabama and are all original. Black and pewter designs are located on the elegant raised Art Deco which enhances the shelves and racks within the store. From a twenty foot ceiling, vintage light fixtures hang.

Alderson’s Store is still in operation and look exactly as it did when it was built in 1932. Antiques, collectables, jewelry, books, men’s and women’s accessories and so much more can be found at Alderson’s Store.

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