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Stow Corners Walking Tour

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The Southeast Corner was home to the Gorge/Cliff House, the Marathon gas station, and the 3390 Marhofer building. It is now the home of Marhofer Chevrolet. Businesses in the Marhofer building included grocery stores, a furniture store, and a shoe repair shop. A dance hall and roller skating rink also occupied this space.

Central Market and Isaly's

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Late 1950s

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The Gorge House/Cliff House was owned by General Oliver Gross, and then Charles and Elsie Kidney. It was purchased by Lizzie Veon in 1897. Cliff House faced Yukon Street and was burned down by an arsonist in September 1899. A Marathon gas station occupied this space next.

The Marhofer Building was built in 1927 by John William Marhofer. Fisher's Grocery was in this building until its closing in 1957. Other businesses in this building at various times included Eddie Ruggles' Grocery, Isaly's, Pimlott & Striver Five and Ten Cent Store, Mault Furniture, and Mac's Shoe Repair Shop. During the 1930s, two of the businesses occupying the upstairs of the building included a dance hall with a live orchestra, and a roller skating rink. The building was razed in 2003 due to flooding issues.

Marhofer Garage was opened in 1919 by Chester Marhofer, son of John and Leah Marhofer. It was located about 100 feet south of Kent Road near Stow Corners. Chester's younger brother, John, eventually took over the garage and it became Marhofer Chevrolet sometime in the 1930s.