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The first house for public worship in Stow was built in 1831 near the northwest corner of the Older Burial Ground (now the Stow Cemetery).

The building was used by different Christian denominations until 1876. Then, a new house of worship was built and used, along with a hall in 1914, used by the community.

The Stow First Christian Church and Chapel was built in 122 for $87,000. In 1998, a new addition was dedicated.


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The first settlers in Stow Township worshipped in their homes, with the first church services taking place in the home of Deacon Stephen Butler in 1809. After Deacon Butler died in 1822, the group of worshippers continued to meet in their homes, and in 1831 they built a house for public worship near the northwest corner of The Old Burial Ground (now the Stow Cemetery). The building was first used by Presbyterians, then by Congregationalists.

The Disciples of Christ formed a congregation in Stow in 1831 and moved into the building at the Burial Grounds in 1844. They continued to use the building until 1876.

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