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The Pennsylvania State Memorial is the largest monument at the Gettysburg battlefield. It was made to commemorate the 34,000 Pennsylvania who fought at Gettysburg. This monument was dedicated on September 27, 1910. The additional statues on each side of the arches were added in 1913.

  • The Pennsylvania State Memorial
  • On the right is the bronze tablets that include the Pennsylvania regiments and batteries.
     The granite found in the monument was made from North Carolina. On top is a 7,500 pound statue of winged victory. The sculptor of this statue is Samuel Murrey. What's special about this statue is that the metal came from melted down metal from a Civil War cannon. 
     Inside the monument is a staircase that takes visitors to the roof. This gives people a wide view of the Gettysburg battlefield. Surrounding the base are bronze tablets. The tablets include the names of the Pennsylvania regiments and batteries who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg.