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Historic Hanna's Town
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The Lefevre House originated from Jeanette. The owners Thelma and Earnest Lafevre wanted to see the house at Hanna’s Town. Thelma even wrote In her will that she deeded the log house over to Hanna’s Town along with the funds to transport and build it. The house is now under construction and soon to be completed. An agricultural exhibit will be represented by the house when it’s fully completed.

  • The Lafevre House before it was moved and rebuilt at Hanna’s Town
  • Progress of the stone fireplace
  • The progress of the open ceiling.
  • The inside
  • The outside and porch progress
  • Inside progress

The Lefevre house is the newest collection to Hanna’s Town historical log buildings. The LeFevre house was owned by J. Rappe Myers, who owned the General Greene Hotel in Greensburg, which is now torn down and is a landmark. The house was his summer estate. He grew flowers and vegetables for the hotel. He also kept hotel carriages at the house. 

In 1941, Thelma and Ernest LeFevre bought the house. It’s revealed that later in life Thelma arranges for the house and the funds and the house to be written in her will and given it to Hanna’s Town.

A lot of work had to be done even before construction could begin. Student workers from IUP as well as members of the Archeological Society had to conduct a study to make sure any important landmarks weren’t being covered up with the building of the LeFevre house. After the study was conducted and cleared the construction could begin. They had to trim the edges of the exterior wood while reconstructing. The Society actually sent the pieces of wood away for age analysis. Finding out exactly how old the house is would allow it’s story to be told with even more accuracy. The house, when finished, will house an exhibit for agricultural tools.

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