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The Maine Military Museum and Learning Center contains exhibits and information on US military history from as early as the Revolutionary War all the way through to the present day military. The museum's main focus is on POW history however it also contains a series of uniforms and how they have changed over time and a collection of model aircraft used by the military.

  • The Maine Military Museum and Learning Center
  • A display of a POW prison

The museum consists of exhibits that include POW depictions, original uniform displays, an arms display and much more. The dates of information and artifacts in the museum range from the mid 1700s up to the present day. The entire history of the US military is covered within the museum.

The museum's main focus is on showing the history of the POW. They do this through life-size displays depicting places where POW have been held, by telling the stories of specific POW, as we as through historical artifacts from POW experiences. Some of the specific POW that were honored in this museum are Col. Tom Kirk (USAF), Cdr. Ted Stier (USN), Lt. Col. Dan Mslowski (US Army), Col. Scotty Morgan (USAF), Lt. Col. Lew Shattuck (USAF), Col. Larry chesley, (USAF),and  Cdr. Bob flynn (USN). While these do not begin to cover the entire population of US POW, these men's stories do teach others what it was like to be in their situations.

There are many other unique artifacts and exhibits that can be found in the museums. One example in particular is an original cast iron toy set of horses, soldiers, and an artillery piece made during the Civil War. The museum also holds an original knife, cup, and fork from the Hindenburg. No matter what period of US history is of interest, the museum has a wide variety of exhibits.
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