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This Historic Cemetery is the burial site for William Jennings Bryan's grandparents and it has stone marked slave burials. Some slaves from local owner and CSA cavalry general Albert Jenkins are said to be buried in this cemetery.

This small cemetery once belonged to William P. Yates from Culpepper County, Virginia. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. Besides William and his wife Elizabeth Lillard Yates, Elizabeth's sister Nancy Lillard and her husband John Bryan and Revolutionary Soldier, James Cox of Buckingham County, Virginia are buried here. The well preserved cemetery also has several headstones for slave burials.

In 1976 controversy arose after it was discovered that US Department of Transpiration may have covered up the graves of Jenkins' slaves during a road project to improve the W. Va. 2. Investigations ensued by the US DOT. As of date it is not clear what the investigation found and how the investigations concluded.

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