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Constructed in 1977, this sprawling resort and convention center is home to several shops, restaurants, and nine acres of indoor gardens and waterfalls that have made it a year-round attraction. The hotel was built in 1977 the purpose of providing rooms for patrons of the Grand Old Opry House which was constructed a few years earlier. At the time, the hotel featured 580 guest rooms and a ballroom. Over the years, the hotel has been expanded several times and now boasts 2,881 rooms plus a large atrium that features waterfalls. Known for its gardens and glass atriums, as well as its Christmas decorations that include over a million lights, the Gaylord Opryland hotel is also home to a Nashville country music station and the Grand Ole Opry. The hotel also has a full-service spa, a golf course, 17 restaurants, and 600,000 square feet of event space.

  • Entrance to the Hotel
  • Inside the hotel
  • Inside of the hotel, a view of the gardens/waterways
  • Inside of the hotel, garden waterfall
  • Inside of the hotel, boat tour through the inside river
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