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The Willard Carpenter House is located in Evansville, IN. The home was completed in 1849, and stands as a memorial to Willard Carpenter. The house is built out of brick and stone. It is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture. Carpenter was one of the most influential and aggressive pioneers.

  • Today the Carpenter House is also the headquarters for WNIN.

Williard Carpenter was born in Vermont, he came to Evansville in 1837. Settling in Evansville, he quickly became of the most influential citizens. He was known as Evansville's "pioneer of public charity." He also acted as an agent to the Underground Railroad. The significance of the Willard Carpenter House for slavery was it one of the first stops slave came to who were crossing the Ohio River. There was a stone tunnel that led to the Carpenters house which was three blocks from the river. Runaway slaves would hide in the basement until they could be relayed to stations that were further north.

Willard Carpenter was committed to was committed to the rights of African Americans. He was an aggressive leader in the Abolitionist movement. He contributed generously to his work. He aimed to improve the moral and intellectual culture of Evansville. In 1855 he completed the Willard Library. This library's purpose was that "be maintained for the free use of all persons who many desire to consult it." Willard Carpenter was known was the most well known philanthropists in Evansville. He is remembered for being outspoken and for his unwavering efforts to help to the rights of African Americans.

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