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There are not many old-fashioned ballparks like Bosse Field left in America. Opened on July 17, 1915, Bosse Field is the third oldest, still operational ballpark in the country. It follows only Fenway Park (1912) in Boston and Wrigley Field (1914) in Chicago. While these two other parks have gained much more national attention, Bosse Field's old-time looks turned out to be perfect for the setting of the 1992 movie, "A League of Our Own." Today the ballpark is the home of the Evansville Otters. Sports history lovers will enjoy a game in this quintessentially American ballpark.

  • The Bosse Field in Evansville, IN
  • The Bosse Field at night
  • Historic photo of Bosse Field
Baseball popularity has ebbed and peaked multiple times in Evansville. Its current popularity seemingly rose following the movie "A League of Their Own," which told the story of the Racine Belles, using the Bosse Field for its setting. Seeing the town's historic field displayed so lovingly increased local interest in baseball, and three years later, Bosse Field had a new minor league team: the Evansville Otters.

Some other famous teams that have played at Bosse Field include Evasville Triplets (1970–84), Evansville Braves (1946–57), Evas/Pocketeers/Hubs (1919–1931) and the Evansville River Rats (1914–15). Between 1921 and 1922, the Bosse Field was also used for the NFL team, the Evansville Crimson Giants--a team which would quickly become the first NFL team to fold.

The Bosse Field's centennial year of operation is 2015, with the centennial playing season beginning on May 5, 2015. Tickets can be purchased from the Evansville Otters website.