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The Monroe County Historical Association is housed within the Stroud Mansion. The mansion was built in 1795 by the Stroud family, the founders of Stroudsburg. The Historical Association now houses a local museum and the Elizabeth D. Walters Library, both open to the public.

  • Stroud Mansion Exterior
  • Historical Drawing of the Stroud Mansion
  • Stroud Mansion Public Library, 1940
  • Stroud Mansion Monroe County Historical Association
The Stroud mansion was developed in 1795 by the founders of Stroudsburg, the Stroud family. The home stayed within the family for nearly a century until it was purchased in 1893. The home has since served multiple purposes, including being the town's public library. The mansion is now listed on the historical register, and contains the Monroe County Historical Association.

The Monroe County Historical Association is focused on preserving the history of Stroudsburg and Monroe County. Inside the Stroud mansion, the Historical Association curates a museum with annual exhibits displaying artifacts and replicas significant to the area's history. The Historical Association also hosts a library, containing information on the area's historical data and genealogical records.