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The Treason Site of Benedict Arnold is located in Haverstraw, New York. It is the location where American General Benedict Arnold and British Major John Andre plotted the surrender of the American fort at West Point. While attempting to return to British line, Major John Andre was captured by American soldiers. He was then tried and hanged and Benedict Arnold defected to the British.

Marker of Benedict Arnold's treason spot

Marker of Benedict Arnold's treason spot

In the early morning of September 22, 1780 American General Benedict Arnold had met with British Major John Andre to plot the surrender of an American fort at West Point. Around 1778 Arnold had been showing signs of unhappiness with his situation and was pessimistic towards the future of America. He had sent a letter to General Nathanial Greene a few days after November 10th, 1778 talking about the horrible situation of America during the time. As well as express his disaffection of the army and talks about internal fighting in Congress for America's problems.

                It was around May 1779 where Arnold had began secret communications with Andre. By July 1779, Arnold had been providing the British with locations of troops, strengths, and supply depots, all while negotiation compensation. By the October of 1779 all negotiations had screeched to a halt. Negotiations and communications had been restored by Arnold by June, 1780 informing the British about the proposal to hand command of West Point over to Arnold.

                By August 3, 1780 Arnold had received control of West Point. Two weeks later Arnold had received a letter from Andre with an offer of 20, 000 British pounds and no indemnifications for Arnold's losses.  It was then in September, 1780 when both Arnold and Andre met to discuss the surrender of West Point, but failed due the capture of John Andre by American soldiers. After the plot was revealed Andre was convicted and then hanged. Arnold, now a traitor, was able to escape and join the British army as a brigadier general. 

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