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The Dacotah Prairie Museum features an annual rotation of exhibits pertaining to local history, culture, wild life, and geography. Daily presentations, seasonal camps, and a revolving cycle of exhibits change regularly, but are updated on the Museum's website and social media.

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The idea for this community centered museum began in the late 1930s. The founders began development on a local community college campus. The community and surrounding neighbors provided donations and loans to allow the museum to grow. However, in the 1940s the space the museum occupied had to be repurposed to train pilots to serve in the Second World War. 

The artifacts sat in storage until the 1960s, when a group of University women rediscovered the idea, and the effort that had previously been applied to it. A temporary location was provided, and first exhibit featured items from Brown County history and the local Native American tribe.  

Throughout the last four decades the museum has moved twice more, eventually to the location where it sits today. The museum serves the Aberdeen community, preserving the area's rich past and illustrating the local history.