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Bergen County Historical Society was established in 1902 and operates a regional history museum and library inside the historic Campbell-Christie House.The society's exhibits and collections include the largest collection of Bergen Dutch artifacts in the public domain. Visitors can view locally-made furniture, paintings, pottery, tools, quilts, and many other artifacts that date back to the founding of New Jersey. The museum also has a dugout canoe that was made by local Native Americans and discovered in 1868. In addition to the museum, guests can utilize the local history research library with its collection of rare manuscripts and books, as well as resources for genealogists.

  • The Campbell-Christie House was built by Jacob Campbell around 1774.
  • This map shows the location of the Bergen County Historical Society' three historic homes, as well as other important historic sites in the area.
Guests can also tour the nearby Stueben House and the Demarest House-also maintained by the Bergen County Historical Society. These two historic homes also offer artifacts and art dating back to the 18th century. In general, these house museums are open for special events and by appointment.