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Emigrants traveling along the Oregon and California Trail would reach a fork in the road called the "Parting of the Ways." Those who veered right would head directly west following the shorter Sublette Cutoff route, but they had to be prepared for the fact that it went through the Little Colorado Desert and the lack of water for 50 miles. The other trail headed southwest and was much longer but well-watered. A small sandstone rock, which is not original, marks the the site and has two etched arrows, one pointing right and one left. The site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

The Parting of the Ways

The Parting of the Ways
Visitors should be aware that there is a "False Parting of the Ways" site, which was incorrectly marked; the true site lies nine and a half miles to the west. Follow these directions to get to the "True" site: 

"Sweetwater County, Wyoming. T26N/R104W. 
Head southwest on SR 28 from False Parting for about 2.2 miles to a dirt road on the north side of the highway. Follow this about one mile to Plume Rocks, then turn southwest and follow the trail ruts for about 7 miles to Parting of the Ways. The site is not easy to find as the old trail is not well marked in this area. There are also a number of auxiliary roads that have been created by energy developers." ( Retrieved 5-11-15. Benton, J. Homer. "Parting of the Ways," 1-11-76.