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The Morgan Library & Museum is a locally funded institution that provides visitors with a variety of educational opportunities. The Morgan, as it is often called, focuses on art, literature, and music, and pursues works that demonstrate incredible creativity. Furthermore, the Morgan Library serves as an international research center for scholars from around the world.

  • The Morgan Library & Museum
  • Interior of the Morgan Library

The origins of the Morgan Library & Museum date back to the 1800s with the history of Pierpont Morgan. Morgan was part of a bloodline that had roots in American that can be traced back to before the Revolutionary War. Some of his notable family members include James Pierpont, founder of Yale, and Reverend John Pierpont, radical antislavery and temperance activist. Pierpont Morgan moved to London with his family in 1854 after he graduated high school. Because of this, Morgan experienced European culture at a young age, became fluent in German and French, and received a cultural education like no other. He moved to New York in 1857 and started a career in international banking.

Morgan began collecting and studying literary history, artifacts, and art. His collections were very diverse because his interest was rooted in cultures other than American. Morgan's library housed these collections, which was quite large. The library was constructed between 1902-1906 and was built to match the magnificence of the collection it would house. After receiving a large sum of money that he inherited following his father's death, Morgan was able to add to his collection.  

Today, the original collection acquired and gifted to Pierpont Morgan still belongs to the library and museum. The collection continues to grow, providing an extensive amount of cultural reference material on art, literature, and music. After years of renovations and additions to the original structure, the Morgan Library & Museum has become a work of art in its own right.  


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