This two-story log home was built in 1778 by the founder and first settler of Shinnston, West Virgina, Levi Shinn.

  • Levi Shinn's Log House
    Levi Shinn's Log House
  • Historical Maker For Levi Shinn's Log House
    Historical Maker For Levi Shinn's Log House

Levi Shinn was born in 1748 in Burlington, New Jersey. He and his brother moved and acquired land through tomahawk rights near the Monongahela River at what is now Harrison County in 1773. Levi Shinn moved back to New Jersey but in 1778 he returned to his property and built his historic log home that still remains today. Shinn inspired other settlers in the area to remain on their settled land despite the turmoil produced by the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Being a pacifist of the Quaker faith, he did not participate in either conflict. In Harrison County, Levi Shinn became a prominent land owner, and built a grist mill that would help grow the city of Shinnston.1

Levi's major interests were in the development and preservation of his properties, which he had passed on to his children. The present log structure remained in family hands for several generations. It is believed by local historians to be the oldest standing home in the county.

Today, the home is owned and operated by the Shinnston Historical Association. The property is now being used as a headquarters for the Shinnston Historical Association, as well as a museum for visitors. Please call the Shinnston Historical  Association for information regarding museum tours.

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