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The Dixie Pig Restaurant is located in the middle of Blytheville, Arkansas. It is a popular destination for locals for the past 90 years. It serves up a unique take on Southern style barbeque and brings in hundreds of patrons a week. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Arkansas.

  • Street view of the restaurant
  • dining area
  • Early photo of the first restaurant
The restaurant was opened in 1923 by Ernest Halsell and specializes in Hickory Smoked Barbeque and unique vinegar style southern barbeque. They specialize in Old Fashion Southern Pit barbeque sandwiches. They have two sizes called “the pig sandwich” and “the large pig.” They are served on wax paper with cabbage and a pepper based vinegar sauce on a thin bun. The restaurant is a typical mom and pop locally owned place that is indicative of the South and barbeques restaurants in America.