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The Church of St. Joseph is a historic church located in St. Joseph, Minnesota. It was built in 1869 in the Gothic Revival style. It has served as an important landmark in the city and its congregation boasts 1,200 families. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

  • The Church of St. Joseph
The first mass in St. Joseph, known at the time as Clinton, took place on October 22, 1854. Fr. Francis Xavier Pierz celebrated the service. Pierz was able to convince the settlers there to construct a church in 1855. A small log school was built next to the church in 1860. During the next decade Benedictine monks and sisters arrived at the church. A convent and school were built and the sisters began to work as teachers. The current church was built in 1869 and consecrated two years later. The interior has been renovated over the years, the most significant project occurring in 1871 to accommodate changes stipulated by the Vatican II council.
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