The Indian Creek Covered Bridge has been preserved thanks to the Monroe County Historical Society. The single-span bridge was built in 1898 using a modified Howe Truss structure by Ray and Oscar Weikel. The bridge 11 and 1/2 feet wide and nearly fifty feet long. The bridge is thought to be one of the most photographed bridges in the state of West Virginia and is one of only six covered bridges in the state that are still in use.

  • Image of Indian Creek Covered Bridge
    Image of Indian Creek Covered Bridge
  • View of bridge
    View of bridge

An interesting and historical fact of the bridge is that the interior of the Indian Creek Bridge contains notes and plaques from previous visitors. This has been a tradition of the bridge since it was first built. Some people have found notes and signatures from famous travelers who have passed through the bridge. Once the bridge was constructed it only cost Monroe County around 400 dollars.

Today, the bridge can only be used by pedestrians. Many covered bridges have adopted a pedestrian-only policy because they can not withstand the force that a regular bridge does. Many covered bridges are also very old and the counties do their best to preserve them. In 2000, the Indian Creek bridge was restored by a local company, Hoke Brothers Construction, at a cost of almost $335,000.


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