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The Roy Chatters Print Museum, located in Palouse, Washington, collects and preserves antique printing presses as well as old newspapers from around the country and Whitman County. In fact its newspaper collection from Whitman County is almost complete and dates back to the 1880s. The museum also displays rotating exhibits of artifacts and photographs from the region.

  • The museum building
  • Roy Chatters in 1984. Credit: Whitman County Historical Society
  • One of the presses in the museum. Credit: Whitman County Historical Society
The museum is named after Roy M. Chatters, a nuclear engineer from the Washington State University. His family had a history in the printing business and Chatters wanted to collect printing presses with the aim of establishing a museum. He also collected newspapers as well. A flood in 1996 damaged the building, but it reopened soon after. Retrieved 4-28-15.